Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season 1, Episode 3 - "Mercy Kill" Review

This third Holocron episode is all about the new X-Wing novel - Mercy Kill - by Aaron Allston that came out in August. There aren't too many spoilers, and I think I only had to say "Spoiler Alert!" once over the course of the whole 'cast.

Oh, and please ignore the part at the very beginning when I talk about this being Episode 2. I actually recorded the Mercy Kill review long before the "Revival" one, but I ended up posting the latter first because it was more pertinent. And I suppose that I could have gone back and edited that part, but then I would have had to save the whole thing over again and re-upload it on Internet Archive and then get rid of the previous files, and I really didn't feel like doing that.

So, long story short, this is really Episode 3, not 2. Just thought I'd clarify that there. =)

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. wow! i feel sooo evil! i listened to the spoiler! and i haven't read the book! *evil laugh* w/e!
    Greeeaaat. now i have to go to the library, find the book, check it out, go home, and read it! life is soooo hard!:D but seriously, now i gotta read it!!

    Ret ner ori'vod! (actually, i think that i'm your only biological vod'ika who listens to your casts.jussayin'....:)

  2. I just started following this blog and I don't know if I'll get to listen to any of your podcasts, but when I have time, I will. How do you do them?

    1. Well, I write out a script in a Word document (six or eight pages is equal-ish to about 30 minutes), and then i practice it a few times so I don't screw myself up too much during the recording. Then I record myself reading the script using a free program called Audacity (you can download it safely and securely off of their website for free). Usually I only need to do one take, but sometimes I have to re-record the whole thing if it sounds bad enough.

      Once I'm satisfied with the way the recording sounds, I splice in two free audio clips that I got off of another website (don't remember what it's called right now). Then I upload the final product to Internet Archive and link its audio player back to the blog and, voila! Instant podcast!

      It's the cheapest way to do a podcast, and I love doing it. So if you've ever wanted to do try podcasting, you can follow the steps I do to make a free one. It's so much fun, and what makes it even more fun is that it doesn't cost me a cent! =D