Friday, January 11, 2013

Season 1, Episode 5 - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

And here we go, the long awaited Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey review!

Thank you so much to all of my followers who sent in questions for me to answer in this review, and I hope I answered them all well. =)

Just two quick warnings (which I also reiterate in the podcast, but repetition isn't usually a bad thing):

1. This episode does contain spoilers, so proceed with caution if you have not seen the movie or at least read the original book yet.

2. Except for the intro and conclusion, this episode is completely unscripted. That means that I go off on tangents, I say "um," there are occasional pauses as I try to gather my thoughts, and I may repeat myself every so often. I did it this way so it (hopefully) feels more "authentic," like how it would if we were standing face-to-face and you were asking me those questions (though I think in real life I'm a bit more hyper, but I didn't get my sugar spike until after I recorded this, sooooo.... =P).

And that's about it, I guess. Just click on the player below, and I hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. If you have any ideas about how I should go about my post on the Oscar ceremony on February 24th, then I'd love to hear them! Just comment below, shoot me an e-mail at, or comment on the HNED Facebook page, whichever way floats your speeder.

 - Edessa, signing off


  1. *grins* I loved the unscripted version of you. =P And Thorin is officially awesome. XD

    *thinks about the Oscar thing* Well, you've never done a livestream before (so far as I know) and that could be fun. I think Luke (Luke's World) did one but I didn't hear much about it...

    1. Thanks, Buruk! =D

      Hmmm, that's a cool idea. I will definitely look into that! =D

  2. Is there any that I can download this so I can put it on my MP3 player? For the Acadmey Awards, not sure what you should do, other than go over the winners.....


    1. I believe there is a way to download it, but I'm not completely sure. If you go to the hosting site ( there are a lot of listening and file options, so hopefully one of those should work. =)

  3. <3 it! Great job Eddy!!!

    it would be, like, soooooooooo cool to see the movie in Imax 3D! :D

  4. Great podcast, really enjoyed it. =) I liked the spontaneousness of this episode, don't know why but I liked it even better than before. Thanks for answering my many questions!
    "You cannot stick awesome under a pail of dwarf." Great quote! Now I need to make a meme. =D

    Goblin the Hutt for the win! =P

    What did you say at the end of the podcast?

    P.S. I couldn't find how to download the podcast but if you figure it out please tell me. =)


  5. Great Podcast! I love it!!! LOL Run to the movie, Freak out, come back to watch, all in that order. I love it!!!!! This unscripted version is soo cool!
    And I love your voice!
    I love the way you described every thing! necromancer sauron... yeah that confirmed my suspicions :) I agree.
    Thorin. He is awesome, dude. But I'm still sticking for Kili! Actually... Legolas. Bofur I like too, and Balin really stood out to me.
    KILI. Thanks for answering my question :) yeah he's cuteee :) It bothers me about the beard too, but I think that's what makes him hot.
    Favorite character in the book. Bilbo. I saw that coming :D It's mines too.
    Smeagol. Cool and hilarious in his own way xD
    OKay, I don't need to reply to all your answers... but I like Goblin the Hutt! :)
    All in all, awesome podcast!

  6. BTW: i think that there was a certain *searches for right word* appeal to the natural sounding-ness of this episode, however it was a little tangent-y. personally, i think that having more of an outline than a script for ur episodes would be best! :D

  7. technically, and i am willing get into an argument over this, goblins are the exact same thing as orcs, except for the fact that they adapted to live in mountains permanently and are scavengers while orcs are typically more brutal, its similar to the fact that there are 4 different species of hobbits, but they are all hobbits.

    1. sorry about that mistype, 3 species of hobbit